When I went through my hypnotherapy training ten years ago, I learned a few surprising things about myself and my own mind that maybe you can relate to.


For example, has it ever felt like the harder you try to make something happen in your life, the further you seem to push it away?

Like my friend David. No matter how hard he tried to attract the right woman into his life, he kept experiencing disappointment after disappointment when, yet again, things didn’t work out.

Or, have you ever wondered what the real impact your thoughts are having on your physical body?

Like the time my friend, Jenny, was venting about yet another conflict she was experiencing in a challenging relationship. As she was talking about it, a muscle in her back went into such a strong spasm it literally took her breath away. 

If you’ve ever wondered about how your thoughts are influencing your life, then you’ll probably love this week’s video.


 In it, I share how you can Unlock the Power of Your Subconscious Mind, and I spill the beans on 7 secrets I learned in hypnotherapy school.


I say secrets only because these rules of the mind seem to be understood by so few people.

Like I said, I’ve got good news and bad news for you.

The bad news is whether we like it or not, these rules of the mind are at work in our lives EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

The good news is, once you understand these rules, you have the ability to harness the power of your own mind, and have whatever breakthrough you are ready for, in any area of your life.

So pour yourself a cup of your favorite beverage and grab a pen and paper, because you’re going to want to write some things down.

Before you dive in, though, bring into your mind one area of your life in which you would like to be having a different experience.

Then let me know, in the comments section of the video, which of the 7 rules you think best applies.

Have fun with this. And enjoy!

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(Be taken on a guided journey, and feel yourself letting go more and more)



(without medication, years of therapy, or forced positive thinking)