Nov 28 -  Dec 5, 2020

A world-class, private, ALL-INCLUSIVE yoga and scuba diving retreat in beautiful Cozumel, Mexico.



November 28 - December 5, 2020

Your 7-day, 8-night exclusive experience INCLUDES: 

✓ 5-star luxury accommodations in a private, 6,000-foot oceanfront villa

✓ Your own private room with ocean view, private entrance, private bathroom, and private patio

✓ All meals (Our own PRIVATE CHEF will prepare 3 meals daily of fresh farm-to-table Yucatan and Mexican cuisine)

✓ Private beach

✓ Private infinity pool

✓ 5 days of Snorkeling and Scuba diving with onboard lunch (4 days of 2-tank dives, 1 day of 3-tank dives)

✓ Access to bicycles, kayaks and, standup paddleboards

✓ Daily heart-centered yoga classes with yoga teacher and author, Erica Boucher

✓ Roundtrip transportation to and from the airport

*Does Not Include airfare, tips and gratuities, transfers from airports other than Cozumel, travel or diving insurance.





PLEASE NOTE: There are only 6 rooms available in this private villa (two rooms with two queen-size beds; four rooms with one king-size bed).
Available on a first come basis.


1. Click on the REGISTER NOW button and complete the registration form.
2. Make your payment in full.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the exclusive nature of this retreat, refunds are not available under any circumstance. Travel insurance is recommended.


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Erica Boucher

Erica Boucher is an author, educator, international yoga teacher and world traveler with insatiable wanderlust. She has been teaching about yoga, authenticity, and heart-centered living for over 20 years. Erica is also the host of the ALL WAYS EVOLVING podcast, a conscious living podcast, and owner of INTERNATIONAL YOGA TRAVEL, where she has been leading yoga adventure travel around the world for over a decade. 

Marilyn Ruth Burke

Marilyn believes in living life to the fullest. She's fire-walked over hot coals, jumped off a 30' pole to catch a trapeze, and attended a 10-day Sacred Passage SOLO retreat in the woods guided by John P. Milton. She has also studied with Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey. In July, Marilyn decided to turn her fear of COVID into power and went to Cozumel to learn to scuba dive. Now, she's hooked, and wants to share the experience with others. 

"I feel so filled up after that trip. It truly was a trip of a lifetime."

Cassidy Ulvestad

"I love traveling with you because of the vibe your tribe has.
It's all heart and joyful energy!"

Susan Klosinski

"Thank you for organizing and introducing me to so many wonderful, like-minded people."

Carol Jardine

"Thanks for another wonderful adventure!"

Jan Cloutier

"I'm so happy you enjoy organizing these trips. Because I love going on them with you!"

Susan Chase

"Where are we going next? "

Laura Croson

Frequently Asked Questions

This retreat was intentionally kept private, intimate, and exclusive, recognizing that with 6,000 square feet of the villa to enjoy, including private rooms with private entrances, private bathrooms, open-air dining options, and a large private beach for yoga, this affords us plenty of space to fully enjoy ourselves while respecting the extra distance currently recommended due to COVID. Maintaining that extra physical distance, and wearing masks when that physical distancing is not possible, should be easy enough and a small price to pay to safely enjoy such a wonderful experience together. 

By joining us on this trip, it is understood that you agree to and respect this framework.


The villa is following US CDC guidelines regarding cleaning and cooking for guests.  

At a high level, here is what is being done:
* The villa is completely cleaned from top to bottom with recommended disinfectants
* The outdoor areas and patios are power washed with a cleaning solution prior to any guests arrivals
* Our staff takes their temperature before work each day (cleaning, maintenance, and cooking)
* Signs on Covid-19 etiquette and hand sanitizers stations are throughout the villa
* Only authorized staff enter the property and with the proper protective equipment including gloves, mask, and plastic face shield
* All common areas of the property are cleaned and disinfected daily (great room and kitchen on both levels, hallways, common bathroom, and patio areas)
* The pool is re-chlorinated 1-2 times weekly during guests stays
* Bedrooms will be cleaned and disinfected daily (unless requested by guests not to do this or by putting the "no maid service sign" on the guest-room doorknob)
* Our chef will clean all food and counter areas prior to cooking
* The chef and cooking staff wear gloves, face masks, and protective plastic face shields
* The kitchen area will be properly cleaned with disinfectant after the cooking services are provided
* All drinking water is provided in sealed 5-gallon bottles
* Many seating options are available throughout the villa to practice social distancing during meals and casual relaxation



Infectious Disease Experts agree our best defense against COVID is to wear face masks, practice physical distancing of 6 feet or more, and wash our hands regularly. In order to ensure the safest possible experience for all travelers during this time, we are requiring strict adherence to the following policy:

  • Each guest agrees to strict adherence to safe socializing (physical distancing, face masks, etc.) for 14 days prior to departure for this trip
  • We are intentionally limiting the size of this trip to allow plenty of space for the recommended physical distancing of 6 feet or more. With 6,000 square feet in this villa to work with, much of it open air allowing for adequate ventilation (with private entrances to each suite, private bathrooms, our own private beach, and more)...we feel confident that with all parties respect the physical distancing guidelines, we are doing everything possible to have a safe and enjoyable trip. 
  • Face masks must be worn at all times when physical distancing of 6 feet or more is not possible (and yes, this includes covering the nose ;-).
  • All guests are encouraged to purchase travel insurance to include supplemental medical insurance in the event you were to become sick.

IMPORTANT: The face masks and physical distancing guidelines outlined above will be strictly enforced for the safety of all guests. Anyone refusing to adhere to these guidelines will be asked to leave immediately and no refunds will be granted. Anybody that joins us on this trip understands this and is 100% in agreement that, TOGETHER, we're going to do this in the safest possible way. 

Travel by airplane is considered one of the safest ways to travel during COVID, due to the regular purification and rapid exchange of air on the plane. This, coupled with airline mask mandates, make trips like this possible. Out of respect for all involved, please wear facemasks in the airport, on all public transportation (including Ubers, taxis, shuttles, etc) up to and including during your time on this retreat. 

Click here for information from the Mayo Clinic on how safe it is to travel by plane. 


It is important that you recognize the risks involved and agree to the following terms.


  • You understand that the cost of this trip is non-refundable, and agree to purchase any necessary travel insurance to cover your own financial investment in this trip, as well as any additional costs that may be incurred should you get sick during your stay. Erica Boucher of International Yoga Travel can assist you with this if you'd like. 
  • You understand it is your responsibility, both for your own welfare and for the welfare of everybody on this trip, that you maintain social distancing, wear masks and do everything in your power in the weeks leading up to your trip to ensure that you are NOT infected with COVID prior to your arrival.
  • You agree to wear masks (including the covering of your nose) throughout the airport, on the airplane, and in all public or shared transportation (such as Uber, buses, or taxis).


  • You understand and agree that upon arrival you will wear face masks (again including the covering of your nose) at all times when you cannot maintain a minimum of 6 feet of physical distance. 
  • You agree that during meals you will continue to respect the physical distancing measures out of respect for everyone else on this retreat. Again, we have plenty of outdoor, open-air dining space to choose from, so this should not be a problem.  


  • If, in spite of all these safety measures, you or your roommate (if applicable), ends up sick and there's any reason to believe it could be COVID (temperature checks may be required), you agree to visit a local clinic for a COVID test. If you are diagnosed with COVID, you and your roommate (if applicable) agree to quarantine in your room for the duration of the trip.  All meals will be brought to your room. If you are not well enough to leave when the retreat is over, we have worked out an arrangement with the villa owner who will allow you to stay quarantined in your room past our departure date at a cost to you of only $100 per person, per day (including meals). Upon your departure, you will be responsible for your own travel arrangements and any associated expenses. 
  • If you should end up needing to go to the hospital, for any reason, you agree that your medical expenses are your full responsibility, and agree to hold Changovilla, Erica Boucher, International Yoga Travel, and Marilyn Ruth Burke harmless of any and all responsibility for any and all medical or other expenses incurred. 

If you have any questions about this policy, please email [email protected].


We thank you for your cooperation in these safety measures and look forward to having a wonderful experience in Cozumel.  

Payment in full is required at the time of registration. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the exclusive nature of this retreat, refunds are not available under any circumstance. Travel insurance is recommended.

If you have any questions about this trip, contact [email protected]

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