I'm Breaking My Silence...

You haven’t heard from me in a while.

I took the summer to get quiet, go within, and feel my way through all that is going on in the world right now.

Yesterday, I broke my silence and published my first podcast episode in months.

This episode isn’t going to make everybody happy. In fact, it’s going to tick some people off and I’ll probably lose a few followers. But I’ve decided it’s more important to be authentic and speak my truth, reaching those who need to hear the message that my heart feels inclined to share right now, than it is to be popular.

This episode, #32 of the All Ways Evolving podcast, is about Spirituality in the Trump Era, and finding your voice in divisive times.

I’m sure I already just lost a few people…

If you’re one of the ones sticking around, eager to know more, you can listen to it anywhere you enjoy podcasts, or click the link below and listen now.

This podcast was inspired by the fact that I don’t see a lot of spiritual leaders and teachers in my community speaking up about what’s going on right now. Some are, but they are almost immediately attacked for daring to dip their toe in the waters of current events—almost as if there is supposed to be some sort of disconnect from the spiritual journey and the human one we are here to have.

Somehow, somewhere, some people have gotten the impression that for anyone on the spiritual path, it’s all love and light. And if it’s not, you must not truly be spiritual.

I call BS on that one.

My advice?

Don’t strive to be spiritual, strive to be authentic. Because authenticity will lead you to spirit organically.

After all, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. In this human experience, as long as we are in these human bodies, we are intricately interconnected with nature. We ARE nature. And as a wise friend of mine pointed out, sometimes nature is violent, and sometimes it is painful. Birth is often painful. Death is often painful.

It’s not all rainbows and butterflies. Animals kill. Fires ravage. Hurricanes decimate. Tornadoes destroy. And with the wildfires we are seeing, the increasing number of hurricanes, flooding, etc…clearly mother nature is angry and she’s trying to get our attention.

I understand the desire to float around in the ethers and let God handle this. And yet, we are God. God is in each and every one of us, as disconnected from him/her/it as we may sometimes get.

So for me, as long as I am standing for love…as long as I am speaking from a place of love (which I’m admittedly not always successful at, but I certainly do my best), then my voice matters.

And so does yours.


On a lighter note, I will be sharing a new gentle, heart-centered yoga and meditation practice on my YouTube channel in the next day or two. If you haven’t already subscribed, I encourage you to do so now. Make sure you click on the little bell icon to turn on notifications, so you’ll be informed any time I post a new video.

Wishing you peace in your heart,


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