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Get the life handbook with a spiritual approach to self-love, emotional intelligence, and healthy relationships.


"Amazing book...I refer to it every day! Each time I reread a section, I come out with fresh insight. EVERYONE can benefit from this book—it has literally changed my life and my perspective!"

Laura Croson
Clinical Herbalist

"I love this book! Erica shared in a courageous, thoughtful and enlightening way practical and effective practices for living your more authentic self...I regularly recommend it to others to improve their life."

Dr. Michael Brant DeMaria
Psychologist, Author, Musician

"I've spent years binging on yoga, self-help and inspirational books—this one is hands down one of my favorites. During my weeks of reading it I found myself referencing it and suggesting it to clients and friends. I'd absolutely recommend it for anyone seeking inspiration and truth."

Kristen Schneider
Ayurveda Pracitioner, Author

"This book has changed my life. I refer to it every day. It's such a resource for me."

Darlene Peters
PhD, Wife, Grandmother

"AMAZING!!! This book makes you evaluate your life and its direction. The exercises in the book are fantastic and really require honest soul searching. It's exactly what I needed. I highly recommend this book for those looking to seek out their true purpose and ready to peel back layers to find their authentic self."


"The best life workbook you will ever read. Learn to love all there is to love in your life, beginning with yourself. The author really hits home with this book and I believe it is a must read for anyone searching for enlightenment and the ability to truly self love."


"Amazing. Absolutely amazing. I loved's in my top 5 favorite books for sure..."

Joe S.

""Just want to say thank you for writing Showing Up Naked. So much to say to you. But just know your book...has saved me from me. I should say IS saving me from me. I am still in the process of finding my center.""

"This book helped me take a true hard look at myself, but it also helped me look and consider other people and their perspectives more. Erica wrote in a way that made it very easy to understand the insights. I became more forgiving of others but, more importantly, of myself (which I never would have thought about). I have become more patient, thoughtful, understanding, accepting, compassionate & driven to live a purposeful life."

Tami Mann
Wife, Mother, Seeker

Have a Spiritual Awakening. 

Be guided step-by-step through a process of letting go, until all that is left is the innocent, loving essence that you are.  

Showing Up Naked is a 262-page handbook filled with fresh insight, experiential exercises, life-evolving meditations, heart-opening yoga poses, and more.


Evolve your life in 3 key areas:


Breakdown of the Journey

Starting with Chapter 1, each chapter builds upon the one before it, taking you through a guided, proven process that is nothing short of life-changing.

Follow Erica as she takes you deep into her world, and discover how her work with the homeless inspired this book that took her 12 years to write. Take a look inside. Read the introduction.

This is where we start to peel away the layers of all the social conditioning to which you've been exposed, so you can wake up from the collective dream most of the world is having, and remember the truth of who you are. 

Your relationship with Life is only as good as your relationship with yourself. Here, you begin a gentle, guided journey back home to yourself. 

It's time to become your own best friend, cultivating and deepening the most important relationship you will ever have...the one you have with yourself. 

Learn how your relationship with others is a mirror of your relationship with yourself and how, by loving others, you are better able to love yourself. Here you will remove the blinders of judgment, so you can experience deeper love and connection with EVERYONE.

Here you start to unearth what it is you really want so your life is guided by your truth, not your social conditioning. 

Nobody ever taught you how to understand and work with your emotional energy. And we tend to fear that which we do not understand. Now that you are standing on more solid ground, with a loving relationship with yourself burgeoning more and more every day, it's time to discover how to be empowered and strengthened by your emotions, ALL of your emotions, rather than overwhelmed by them.

Your emotions are Spirit's way of communicating with you—your intuition's way of trying to get your attention. Know this: your emotions always have a message for you. It's time to learn how to listen to and understand the messages your emotions have been trying to send you.

When we suppress our emotions, we suppress ourselves. Emotions are energy. It's time to start harnessing that energy as the very fuel you need to create and live an authentic life you love.

It's time to start setting yourself free from your past. Here we begin an entirely new conversation about forgiveness: what it really is, where you are withholding it—from yourself and others, and how lack of forgiveness is impacting your life in ways you never realized. 

Here we begin the process of letting go—of the chaos in our lives; the clutter in our minds; unacknowledged sadness, anger and grief in our bodies; and anything else you no longer need. Here you get to liberate yourself and live fully in the present moment, letting go of anything that no longer serves. 

Now that you have a deeper, richer, more authentic and loving relationship with yourself and your emotions, it's time for a fresh perspective on how you relate with others, and with Life.

It is said that the answer to every question exists the moment the question is formed. Here you learn how to practice deep listening—to yourself, to others, and to Life, and let your life be guided from an intuitive place deep inside.  

Society teaches us what to think, not necessarily how to think...for ourselves. Here we begin to undo the social conditioning to which you've been exposed, to which we've all been exposed, and discover who you are free of the expectations of others, or the need to ask for permission to be yourself. 

Conflict is natural, and a wonderful opportunity for growth, IF we have the knowledge and skill to approach it in a healthy way. Here you will discover the gift hidden in conflict, and how to use conflict to actually improve your relationships, and your life.

Life is living itself through you. Permission to create, full creative license, is your birthright. It was given to you the moment you were born. Learn how to be fully and freely expressed, holding nothing back, and let your life be your always evolving, living work of art. 


Find out why Showing Up Naked is considered "the best life workbook you will ever read."


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