Here’s what others have to say about their experience with Erica:

“This was definitely a life-changing experience for me.  I had so many loose ends I had yet to settle in my life…pains I kept inside, cluttered feelings…  Now, I know myself better.  I feel prepared to face the challenges in my life…accepting that things will turn out to be for the greater good.  My life will never be the same.”.

Carlos M

“Yet another amazing Erica Boucher experience.  They just keep getting better.  Time to release the body, mind and emotions.  Erica’s guidance provided a powerful energy to help us all get in touch with our emotions and the safe place to encourage us to be real with them and to let us grow.  Laughs, tears, yoga, great food, wonderful new friendships…what could be better.  Love you!!””.

Laura L.

“[It was] phenomenal and surpassed even what I expected.  Empath Yoga is a program that not only trains you to become a powerful yoga teacher who can create unique and powerful experiences for your students, but will also raise your level of consciousness.  The far-reaching impact of my participation in this program is truly yet to be known…I know that I have physically, mentally and spiritually opened my heart further and come to greater understanding about my purpose here in this world.  I have been able to release toxic emotions that have festered in me for years…  Physically I have never been in better shape…  Spiritually I have come to a greater understanding of myself.”

George S.

“I would like to thank you for yesterday’s coaching session. There are no words to really describe the peace I was feeling. It was amazing! I am truly amazed at the work you do!! Thank you so much!”

Kristin S.

“Working with Erica Boucher was like a deep, spring cleaning to your house. Only this was a cleanse for your heart, mind and soul. You dive deep into all the nooks and crannies. Since our time together, my life has become more energetically balanced and aligned with my true inner/happier self. Her beautiful insight, wonderful wisdom and ability to truly connect with a person is nothing short of brilliant. Love Erica, loved her training and love my life!”

Anthony C.

“Erica is amazing!  I started taking yoga classes from her at a local studio a few years ago which led me on a path of self discovery.  I love how she uses yoga and meditation to bring out the best in people.  I have since taken her Yoga Teacher Training and would highly recommend her yoga and other classes & her awesome book!”

Debbi D.

“When you feel you have hit rock bottom or are at the end of your rope, Empath Yoga makes you rethink your beliefs in ways that are empowering.  Personally, it was life-changing, if not a life-saving experience, as it allowed me to feel, live and love like I never did before.  It’s like living life for the first time.  The tools are simple but powerful.”

Myke S.

“I have participated in Erica’s yoga classes, yoga teacher training, and life coaching in the past few years.  The effects on my life are immeasurable and beyond words!  When I met Erica, I was depressed, unhealthy, and had just retired from a job I loved due to health issues.  Currently, I am working again in my career, feel so much better, and have a whole different perspective on life.  Thank you Erica!!”

Esther M.

“Surprised yet again by how much I’ve been able to get out of such a short amount of time spent with you. So incredibly grateful for you allowing and creating this space…fascinated by your beauty, honesty and integrity.  You are a true woman, thank you for helping me remember…I don’t need to look for answers outside of myself.  I am grateful and fully satisfied.  Thank you!!!!”

Hillary S.

“Empath Yoga is a powerful tool for life changes, personal growth, development and empowerment.  The many different modules (yoga, empathic listening, hypnosis, etc.) can stand alone, but combined they are pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that offers a bigger picture.  I feel better equipped to face major changes in my life… and live life to the fullest.  In better understanding myself and the people around me, and the roles we play in life, I get a deep sense of connectivity and closeness.  The introduction of consciousness to manifest reality is very powerful and a great inclusion in the program.”

John S.

“This program has opened up my heart and my practice. I came in wanting to teach yoga and am leaving a different person…I believe I am now going to be the type of yoga instructor on the inside that I would like to have, which is a statement I wouldn’t have dared to speak previously.  Surprising to me how much of an impact the Showing Up Naked portion would have.  Thank you, thank you!”

Terry M.